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Top Ways to Use Social Media to Create a Strong and Trusted Brand

One of the main ways in which people connect with each other, groups and brands is through Social Media. With millions of people signed up to Twitter and Facebook alone, businesses of all kind and across all industries are realizing an increased need to have a solid social media marketing strategy to promote their brands as well as build a relationship with their clients. Here are some ways that small businesses can employ social media to build their brand and engage with their followers.

Share Product Demonstrations
Many start-ups today are selling products that are most likely not well known yet and need a boost into the market to get off the ground. You can create a product demonstration video and share it with your followers to make them aware of your product and show them how it is used. You can post the demonstration video on YouTube and then share on your social media platforms to reach all your customers. Start by introducing your product and then take the viewers through the steps of using the product and how it works so that they can understand better your brand.

Customer Empowering
To achieve the best results out of your social media marketing efforts, remember that your customers need to be engaged and given a key part in building your brand. Social media has provided tools which can help you in this; you can develop polls and surveys that will assist you to get an idea of what your followers think about your social media profiles and your services and products.

Have Customer Contests and Rewards
One of the best parts of marketing a business through social media is that the customer re-tweets, shares, comments and likes can go a long way. In most cases, social media users won’t be in a hurry to share something unless it has some significance to them or they are receiving something in return for sharing. One way to do this is by giving rewards and social media sharing contests like the ‘refer a friend’ reward where the new customer along with the existing followers get a discount on their next purchase when they share a link.

Support Good Causes
In addition to showcasing your expertise and knowledge on social media, do not forget that these are platforms that you can use to show the caring side of your brand. You can use a social media poll to help you determine which charitable causes are closest to the hearts of your customers and then use social media as a force to raise awareness and fundraise on behalf of the chosen charity. Customers no longer look for those brands that only sell nice products and provide good customers services, they also want to connect with brands that support causes that are similar to theirs and have a human side to show.