Ways for Schools to Use Lanyards

Lanyards are typically used for coach and gym teacher whistles and janitor keys, but schools can use them for several other purposes. They are cost-effective, can be custom printed, and include a choice of attachment clasps. Lanyards ideas for safety and security, for example, can help schools increase measures within tight budget constraints. Organizing class trips is easier and safer with lanyards. Chaperons may not know each kid in their group, and the kids may not be familiar with the chaperon. Color coded lanyards can help groups stay together and help volunteers keep track of each child. The school name and phone number can be printed on them for identification in case a child does get lost or separated from the group. Since they can be used over and over again, the permanent solution requires only a one-time investment.

Crowded school buildings, the recent increase in random attacks, and the risk of intruders makes security difficult. Budget cuts limit options so identifying people in the classroom and the halls is crucial. Everyone can be responsible for safety when people who do not belong there are easily spotted. Color coding will not be effective in this case because lanyards are available at any dollar and department store. Printed lanyards, different styles for different categories, and specific attachments can distinguish who is welcomed and who is trespassing.

Leather lanyards with the school district number printed on them can be issued to security guards. Woven ones with a badge at the end and printed with “Visitor” on them can identify authorized visitors. Teachers can be issued braided style lanyards with the mascot of the school on them. Support staff can be identified by multi-colored ones with the year the building was established printed on them. The variations will make it less likely for intruders to duplicate any of the lanyards.

Lanyards can also be used to raise funds for specific clubs, teams, events, or projects. High visibility lanyards with the name of the play produced that year printed on them are perfect for the drama club. The graduating class can raise money with themed lanyards with the year printed in fancy font. The football team can select lanyards with equipment displayed along the cloth and a three dimensional decal with the team name at the bottom. The possibilities are massive so unique lanyards can be ordered for each event, club, or purpose.